Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Budget

Really? Really? Think you can achieve personal finance success without one? Think again!

Budget is not a bad word. It's really not. While at face value, it may seem like constraints, a budget is actually a path towards freedom. Telling your money where to go, what to do, is a big shift in thinking over the traditional money telling me where to go, what to do. Or, rather, what I can't do, or where I can't go.

This blog is my attempt to seek enlightenment in the realm of personal finance. I have different goals than some other personal finance bloggers, since my goal isn't to retire early. My goal is simply to manage what resources I have while I work a full, meaningful career.

Topics will deal with budgeting, obviously, but also saving, retirement planning, frugality, and, should I ever learn anything about it, investing. I'm no pro. Heck, I'm a civil engineer, for goodness sakes! But, I do have some understanding of how to get from $0 (or even -$) net worth to somewhere on the plus side.

I welcome any questions and comments.

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