Monday, January 13, 2014


Recently, the hardest part about having a financial plan is the point where there's just not much active stuff to do.  The autopilot phase, when budgets have been optimized, retirement funds have been selected and contributions automated, and when spending levels are maintained, is challenging for someone like me.  This phase is where most time is spent.  For a guy, this is a difficult time.  I want to mess with things, find something that's not been fixed and fix it.  

For example, this year, our goal is to save up for a new(to us) minivan.  While I enjoy saving money as much as anyone (who has plans to be financially independent), the act of inaction is just hard.  I know that by adding in another goal or focus for the year reduces the success of this major one, but it's hard.  Every two weeks money is added to the new car fund.  And it's growing, but not quickly.  I get it, though, we're still saving for 11 more months.  And it's not fast, but it is steady.  We'll get there, and I'll probably still fidget with some things throughout the year, and then, will fidget them back when I realize I should have just been focusing on the new car.  

I feel very blessed to be in such a perceived state of security that I can worry about such mundane and trivial things.  

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