Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time Flies

An update of bullet format because that's about how I think these days...

  • we did buy the minivan I posted about 3 years ago and, while it's had its share of issues and repairs, it's been a good vehicle for us
  • the next focus was on saving for some needed home improvements including a new roof and heat pump.  the roof was installed last fall, the heat pump will be within the next year or so
  • still saving regularly in work 401k and pension with a little bit of savings outside that in a collection of Vanguard accounts (Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and Brokerage account).  
  • last year's focus was on saving for wife's tuition in pursuit of her teaching certification
  • paying down mortgage and really want it done.  best case is probably 3 more years before we could lump sum the balance
  • still saving for college with now 7 CFNC accounts (all 7 kids/nephew/nieces).  8 more years until the oldest graduates from high school.  
  • future savings for vacations: 1 trip to Disney and 1 trip to New Zealand - both family trips
Focus going forward is topping off personal bank savings, then upping the Vanguard account contributions as well as mortgage.  Luckily, still no debt other than that.  

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